Information for Participants

More than 3000 people are admitted to Prince of Wales Hospital, Royal Hospital for Women, St George Hospital or Prince of Wales Private Hospital every year for treatment of diseases like cancer.

If you are one of these people, you may be given the opportunity to donate tissue to the HSA Biobank.

Why Should I Consider Consenting to the HSA Biobank?

The tissue samples and health care information you provide to the HSA Biobank will contribute to the advancement of cancer research. This will benefit researchers, clinicians and patients because:

  • it will contribute to a better understanding of the causes of cancer and related diseases
  • it will contribute to the development of more effective treatments for cancer and other medical conditions
  • it will result in improved care of, and better outcomes for, individuals living with cancer.

How Does the Consent Process Work?

Patients undergoing a surgical or medical procedure at participating hospitals may be invited to consent to the HSA Biobank during their admission or medical consultation.

Your doctor or nurse will:

  • provide you with a patient information brochure
  • talk you through the HSA Biobank process
  • explain the consent form so you understand what is involved
  • answer any questions you may have.

When you give consent, a small section of the tissue that was removed during surgery will be collected and stored for use in future research. You can also consent to making other health information available for research as well.

Participation is voluntary. You do not have to participate and your medical care will not be impacted if you choose not to. 

Please see the Participant FAQs for more information about consenting to the HSA Biobank.