PhD Candidate Profile: Guan Huang

1 March 2021

What is your research about?

My research focuses on developing ultrasensitive approach to detect single cancer-derived circulating extracellular vesicles (EVs). EVs has a remarkable ability to carry out significant information from site of origin. Detection and profiling of femtomolar quantities of proteins on “rare” EVs present a formidable challenge to their clinical usage. Here, we develop an ultrasensitive platform for quantitative analysis of single EVs. The technology will be translated for the detection and profiling single EVs in pre-clinical and clinical samples, hence, facilitating early-stage cancer diagnosis and therapy monitoring.

What is the translational application of your research?

In contrast to the current technical difficulty to access cancer site, EVs are readily accessible in nearly all body fluids, showing great potential as cancer diagnostic biomarkers in predicting early stage cancers and monitoring cancer progression. Here, our purpose-translated ultrasensitive single-EV detection platform can overcome the technique hurdles, will improve patient care and clinical outcomes by enabling the detection and profiling cancer-derived EVs with high sensitivity. 

How would the TCRN PhD top-up Scholarship help you succeed?

TCRN Scholarship eases my financial stress and allows me to focus more on my research. TCRN also offers collaborative cancer networking opportunities for translational research.  Furthermore, TCRN provides specific skills and knowledge related to translational research and research communications, which will support the effective and rapid translation of my research into improvements in patient care and clinical outcomes.