Annual TCRN Consumer Engagement Workshop

3 November 2016
TCRN Consumer Engagement Workshop

TCRN CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT WORKSHOP: Wednesday 23 November 2016; 1.00pm - 3.00pm

Once again, the TCRN is holding a Consumer Engagement Workshop for your research funding application 2017. The TCRN’s consumer engagement workshop is one of the most anticipated and successful research support services provided by the TCRN.

TCRN’s Director, Professor David Goldstein, says:  “With the success rate of NHMRC Project Grants down to 13.7%,  researchers need every advantage we can get. The TCRN’s consumer workshop and subsequent evidence of consumer input and support can make a difference to researchers’ applications in this highly competitive funding environment. This is a great opportunity to present your research plans and preliminary data and have consumer input”.

The TCRN Consumer Advisory Panel ("CAP") members are research trained and highly experienced in reviewing research grant applications. Most of them also have served on several  grant review committees and working committees including NHMRC, Cancer Council NSW,  Cancer Australia, and National Breast Cancer Foundation. Whether you will be applying for funding in 2017 or not, we hope you do not miss this valuable opportunity to engage with consumers and present your research plan to TCRN consumers for their input.

Date:                      Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Time:                     1.00 pm - 3.00 pm - Researcher and Consumer Workshop  (15 min/research project)

Location:              Lowy Cancer Research Centre, UNSW 

                              Researchers will be allocated a 15-minute slot in which to discuss their proposed project with the CAP in preparation for 2017 grant applications. 

Many of you are planning to submit grant applications in 2017 and are aware of the importance of involving consumers in developing your research applications.

This is also an important part of the grant review process. For example, the Consumer Review Form component of a CCNSW Project Grant application is worth 50% of the final application score. Having a consumer involved in the proposed research is highly regarded by the CCNSW, which states that researchers who work directly with consumers are more likely to receive higher scores by the Consumer Review Panels.

  • How to Participate:

If you wish to attend the workshop,  please send  a short paragraph (1/2 page, 1 page max) describing the area of research in lay terms  along with your RSVP. These paragraphs will be sent to the CAP prior to the workshop. Each presentation will be limited to 15 min (10 min presentation & 5 min feedback /questions) with a limit of 2 slides. If you cannot attend, please nominate an appropriate colleague to attend.

RSVP is essential and places are limited. PLEASE RSVP BY 11 NOVEMBER. Researchers are encouraged to attend for the whole afternoon as this will also provide an opportunity for peers to give feedback on the presentations. If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please email Stella Jun.    

³NHMRC has established a working committee to give further consideration to how consumer and community perspectives are taken into account in our grant assessment processes. The committee will consider and make recommendations regarding the form and level of consumer and community involvement in our research funding activities for further consideration by NHMRC Research Committee.²  An excerpt from NHMRC website¹s Consumer and community involvement.

Further Information:

Stella Jun, TCRN Project Officer

Level 4 | Lowy Cancer Research Centre

UNSW Australia | Sydney, NSW 2052

t: 02 9385 0511

(Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.)