Cancer Challenge of the Year Recipients

YearProject TitleChief Investigator
Associate Investigator
Amount Awarded


 Preventing Fibrogenesis and Late Treatment Related Swallow Dysfunction A/Professor Peter GrahamA/Prof Julia Maclean, Prof Ian Cook, Dr Michael Szczesniak, Dr Peter Wu$135,201
2018Risks Versus Benefits From Opioids Prescribed to People with Cancer and Pain: How Should Australian Policy and Practice Respond to International Alarm?Dr Tim LuckettDr Toby Newton-John, Prof Jane Phillips, A/Prof Melanie Lovell, A/Prof Winston Liauw, Prof Sallie Pearson, Prof Debra Rowett$14,875
2018Obesity Related Endometrial Cancer: Linking Metabolic and Genetic Profiles to Sustainable Lifestyle Change to Improve Health Outcomes (LIFECAN Trial)Dr Rhonda FarrellA/Prof Kyle Hoehn, Dr Frances Byrne, Dr David Simar,  Dr Michael Janitz, Dr Nadeem Kaakoush, Ellen Olzemer,  Eleanor Quinn, Dr Anusha Hettiaratchi, Dr Katrina Tang, Prof Kerry Anne Rye, Prof Claire Wakefield,
Prof Mark Harris, Dr Archana Rao, Dr Vivek Arora,  Dr David Mizrahi,  Dr Chloe Ayres, Ms Melydia Kosasih, Prof Val Gebski
2018Evaluation of an Online Communication Skills Training Program for Oncology Health Care Professionals Offering Genetic Testing of Breast/Ovarian Cancer GenesProf Bettina Meiser, Prof Phyllis Butow, A/Prof Kathy Tucker, Prof Fran Boyle, Dr Megan Best, Dr Natalie Taylor,
Dr Katy Bell, Dr Barbara Biesecker
Dr Nancy Briggs,  Ms Kate Dunlop, Prof Michael Friedlander, Ms Margaret Gleeson, Ms Christie Norris, Dr Kate Webber, Ms Mary-Anne Young$10,000