Translational Bioinformatics



The strategic purpose of Translational Bioinformatics ("TBI") projects is to develop an 'integrated translational research infrastructure in biomedicine' that is broadly accessible to all UNSW researchers.

Initially, will focus on cancer, but over time it will expand to support other clinical issues. This infrastructure is anticipated to greatly improve the access to large clinical datasets (i.e. ClinCR, NSW BD&M, NSW Cancer Registry).

Having access to these datasets, which relate directly to individuals with tissues already stored at UNSW, will greatly facilitate the translational work of UNSW researchers. TBI projects will enable researchers at UNSW to easily access and analyze research data simplifying data management.  

In its application to the Cancer Institute NSW ("CINSW") the TCRN highlighted data integration and accessibility as a goal to meet the CINSW program objectives:

  • Facilitate the generation of practice improving research and its more rapid adoption for improved patient outcomes
  • Facilitate evidence into practice research