Tour de Cure 2017 Grant Success for TCRN Members

23 March 2017
Tour de Cure Grants 2017

Tour de Cure 2017 Research Projects

Tour de Cure is a Tier 1 cancer charity. Since 2007 over $25 million has been raised, funding more than 250 cancer research, support and prevention projects. 

"Our priority is to prevent and cure cancer, as well as improving quality of life for those affected by cancer".

Research projects are funded which bring together academics and clinicians, speeding up the 'bench to bedside' process, and which will give cancer patients access to the latest treatments, as well as opportunities to improve care for future generations. 

  • Established Research Grant - $200,000
  • Scott Canner Young Researcher Grant - $125,000
  • Tour de Cure Cancer Research Scholarship (in collaboration with Foundation for Surgery) - $100,000
  • Pioneering Cancer Research Grant - $80,000
  • Collaborative Cancer Research Grant - $50,000

 Congratulations to the following TCRN Members on their grant success:

  • A/Prof Phoebe Phillips - UNSW Sydney, Prince of Wales Clinical School

Established Research Grant: Nanomedicine-based treatment to inhibit pancreatic cancer growth and metastases. 

This team of researchers have developed a highly promising nanomedicine that could improve treatment for pancreatic cancer – the most chemotherapy resistant and deadly cancer in Australia. This proposal will use state-of-the-art nanoparticles to deliver gene-silencing drugs to inhibit the expression of a gene which promotes tumour growth and metastases in pancreatic cancer cells.

  • Dr George Sharbeen - UNSW Sydney, Prince of Wales Clinical School

Pioneering Cancer Research Grant: Targeting MutY-Homolog to Reduce Pancreatic Tumour Chemoresistance and Metastatic Spread. Pancreatic cancer is a devastating disease with only 7% of patients surviving 5 years after diagnosis.

This project will use a novel nanoparticle to inhibit a key tumour-promoting gene in pancreatic tumours. The findings from this work could eventually be translated into a more effective treatment for pancreatic cancer.

  • Dr Jeremy Henson - UNSW Sydney, Prince of Wales Clinical School

Pioneering Cancer Research Grant: The C-Circle companion diagnostic for new ALT-targeted cancer cures. 

Targeted cancer cures can provide effective, low side-effect cures; however, they require identification of the appropriate target patient population for use in clinical trials.

This project develops the C-Circle blood test, which will be critical for future advancement of new ALT-targeted cancer cures that are currently in development.

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