TCRN Success at International Congress, Geneva

13 July 2016
TCRN TranSMART Query Tool

The TCRN team lead by Professor Nick Hawkins and Professor Robyn Ward won second prize for ‘Best Scientific Paper Award’ titled “Integration and analysis of heterogeneous colorectal cancer data for translational research”. 

TCRN Jitendra JonnagaddalaJitendra Jonnagaddala recently presented the TCRN's work on translational bioinformatics platform - tranSMART, at the 13th International Congress in Nursing Informatics, Geneva Switzerland on 29 June 2016.  The tranSMART tool provides access to valuable research data about colorectal cancer, including the Molecular and Cellular Oncology ("MCO") study data and other public datasets.

Learn more about the tranSMART Query and Analysis Tool. Jitendra leads the TCRN Translational Bioinformatics ("TBI") projects to develop an 'integrated translational bioinformatics research infrastructure in biomedicine' that is accessible to UNSW researchers.

TBI projects will enable researchers at UNSW and TCRN members to easily access and analyze research data simplifying research data management, facilitating the generation of practice improving research and its more rapid adoption for improved patient outcomes, and evidence into practice research.


Nursing Informatics 2016 Best Scientific Paper Award: 2nd Prize

Jonnagaddala, J., Croucher, J. L., Jue, T. R., Meagher, N. S., Caruso, L., Ward, R., & Hawkins, N. J. (2016). Integration and Analysis of Heterogeneous Colorectal Cancer Data for Translational Research. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (2016) 225: 387-391. DOI: 10.3233/978-1-61499-658-3-387

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