TCRN Operation and Project Team Employee Spotlight Series - Stella Jun

8 April 2019

Get to know a little more about our talented team!

This month's spotlight member is Stella Jun.

TCRN Operation and Project Team Employee Spotlight Series Questions

1. Name: Stella Jun

2. Current Position: Senior Project Officer

3. How long have you been at the TCRN?: 7 years

4. Describe your role (e.g. how do you support the TCRN members? Which Flagships are you involved with?):

I provide administrative and research support to two major TCRN flagships: Continuum of Care (CC) Flagship and 2025 Workforce and Capacity Building (2025) Flagship.  Under the CC Flagship, I help develop ethics applications and contribute to various aspects of research from developing survey instruments to collecting data (e.g., face-to-face interviews). Further, I organise educational workshops for cancer follow-up shared care projects and provide administrative support to the Flagship support grants.

Under the 2025 Flagship, I manage grants including PhD Scholarship Top-up awards, clinical PhD top-up awards, and Conference and Professional Development Grants. To support the work of PhD candidates, I run the PhD Skills and Development Workshop, PhD Career Pathway Workshop and PhD forums.

For both flagships I organise stakeholder group meetings and communicate with stakeholders closely. 

I am particularly proud of my work for TCRN Consumer Engagement in cancer research for the TCRN membership. I have recruited and supported TCRN consumers who have been providing research support to TCRN members through bi-annual consumer workshops and one-on-one consumer researcher partnerships. Consumer engagement becomes increasingly important not just because funding bodies require for successful grants but also for effective and meaningful cancer research and care for the community.

5. What is the meaning of your name? Stella means ‘Star’.

6. What’s the best thing about your job? I feel lucky to work with amazing people through the TCRN.

TCRN consumers – I love working with our consumers who are volunteering their time to support the TCRN and cancer research.  TCRN consumers are the most amazing, dedicated, and passionate people I have worked with. They bring their personal and professional experience in cancer care to the TCRN and TCRN researchers and PhD students. 

Supporting PhD students- The TCRN is supporting really amazing future cancer researchers. When they present their work, I feel so proud to support their research.

7. Where’s your favourite place in the world?  My favourite place is where my family and friends are. Almost every year I visit my family and friends in the U.S.: Berkeley, California, Salt Lake City, Utah (yes, it’s the same city where Nabulungi cries out so much in the Book of Mormon) and Chicago, Illinois and Seoul, Korea. Our family and friends are there, and I love to visit and see them.