TCRN announces World Cancer Congress Grant Recipients

6 June 2014

We are very pleased to announce the recipients of the 'Once-off Professional Development Grant for the 2014 World Cancer Congress'.

Congratulations to the following TCRN members who have been awarded the TCRN Professional Development Grant:

  • Lisa Chalmers - Project Coordinator; Adult Cancer Program, UNSW
  • David Charman - Research Nurse; Medical Oncology Clinical Trials Unit, Prince of Wales Hospital
  • Claire Vajdic - Team Leader; Cancer Aetiology and Prevention Group, UNSW
  • Yoon-Jung Kang - Postdoctoral Research Fellow; Cancer Modelling Group, UNSW
  • Monica Dumbrava - Clinical Fellow; Cancer Services, Prince of Wales Hospital

Awardees will attend the World Cancer Congress in December  as well as enrolling in one of the thirteen different Master Courses delivered by distance learning over six months and culminating in a one day workshop at the Melbourne Congress. 

A number of TCRN projects will also be presented at the Congress, including two of the Cancer Challenge of the Year ("CCY") Projects;

  • Jane Phillips - Professor Palliative Nursing; The Cunningham Centre for Palliative Care Sydney, Sacred Heart Hospice | CCY 2012: "Spaced Education: a tool to translate pain assessment and management evidence into practice."
  • Emma Healey - Genetic Counsellor Research Officer; Hereditary Cancer Clinic, Prince of Wales Hospital | CCY 2013: "Family Matters! Dissemination of genetic information about breast and ovarian cancer genes within families to prevent cancers."