Professor Li shares research into Big Data for Translational Research

6 August 2014
Professor Jack Li speaking at TCRN

Professor Jack Li of the College of Medical Science and Technology (CoMST) at Taipei Medical University has spent the last five weeks visiting the TCRN to help shape a new course on Translational Cancer Bioinformatics (“TBI”) in Cancer Research. The course is currently being developed by the TCRN and UNSW and is due to be released to UNSW students in February 2016.

The TBI course will be available principally online consisting of seven modules; each with a series of six-minute mini-lectures accompanied by exercises. The course will also incorporate some face-to-face workshops.

Professor Li gave a seminar at the Lowy Cancer Research Centre on the availability of tools and data sets that can facilitate the speed of translational research through big data application.   

"The exponential accumulation of genomic and clinical data is now at a juncture of critical transformation that will lead to an era where results of basic research can be aggregated and translated into clinical practice at an accelerated pace and vice versa”  - Professor Jack Li. 

During his visit, Professor Li presented at the Prince of Wales Hospital Grand Rounds; which can be viewed on the the TCRN Education webpage.

Professor Li also contributed to a two-day introductory human genome bioinformatics workshop run by Dr Jason Wong in collaboration with the TCRN.

The workshop, aimed at biomedical scientists and clinicians studying the relationship between diseases and human genome, was particularly focused on cancer research. Students were introduced to established and emerging biomedical informatics resources, and taking advantage of vast resources of genomics/clinical data currently available in the public domain.