Cancer Challenge 2018

17 April 2018
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The TCRN is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2018 Cancer Challenge. A/Professor Peter Graham from St George Hospital has received $135,000 from the TCRN for the project 'Preventing fibrogenesis and late treatment related swallow dysfunction'. A/Professor Peter Graham and team will be investigating fibrosis, a condition of the hardening of the tissues, a common side effect following cancer treatment, in particular radiotherapy. This grant will fund the trial of a combined therapy in head and neck cancer patients. 

We look forward to updating TCRN members over the next 18 months. Congratulations to Peter and team.

Co - Investigators:

  • A/Prof Julia Maclean
  • Prof Ian Cook - Consultant Gastroenterologist, Head of Motility Service
  • Dr Michal Szczesniak – Senior Scientist
  • Dr Peter Wu – Consultant Gastroenterologist

 St George Hospital