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The TCRN is a membership network comprised of researchers, clinicians and health care administrators. All our members share a passion for driving research-led improvements into cancer patient care.

Membership Benefits

TCRN membership is free. All members receive access to a range of member benefits designed to support their translational research and build their professional networks.

These include:

  • Annotated health datasets
  • The expertise of the TCRN Consumer Advisory Committee
  • Seminars and educational events, including the Randwick Precinct Cancer Roundtable Program
  • Regular member communications, including the Cancer fortnightly eNewsletter
  • Translational cancer research funding opportunities from both CINSW and the TCRN.

Member Groups

All members become part of one of our TCRN Member Groups, which are affiliated with one of the TCRN’s founding institutions. Each member group is led by a Responsible Member who ensures that the group’s activities and achievements are shared across the TCRN and beyond.

Becoming a TCRN Member

Eligibility Criteria

Membership is open to cancer researchers, people working in the delivery of cancer services, and people who are responsible for the care of patients with cancer. You should be employed by a TCRN member institution, or be self-employed and hold a formal affiliation with a TCRN member institution. All members are expected to work actively towards the goals of the TCRN.

Application Process

To join the TCRN, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the TCRN Membership Charter. This document outlines the details and requirements of TCRN membership.
  2. Approach the Responsible Member for your organisation and request their endorsement for membership. The Responsible Member will then email your endorsement to the TCRN.
  3. Complete the TCRN Membership Survey. The TCRN will send this to you as part of the registration process.

At the end of this process, you’ll receive an email confirming your TCRN membership.

Member Groups

TCRN Member Groups and Responsible Members

How to Apply for TCRN Membership

Our Network

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