Health Economics Advice for Research Translation (HEAT)


The TCRN and the Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE), UTS have partnered to provide health economics advice and support for TCRN members.

Health Economics Advice for Research Translation (HEAT) is a service exclusively for TCRN members. Examples of the type of support include:
  • Trial and study reviews for suitability for an economic evaluation
  • Research reviews
  • Grant application reviews
  • Education
We are excited to further strengthen our partnership with UTS through CHERE and welcome their input and involvement in TCRN research and projects.

The Team


Name and Profile


Professor Marion Haas

Marion Haas is Professor of Health Economics at the Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE) at the University of Technology Sydney. Her research interests are in the incorporation of economic analysis into clinical trials, applying the results of economic evaluation to health care programs and services and understanding the preferences of providers and consumers/patients for health services.

She is a CI on an NHMRC Partnership Project Grant (Healthy Living after Cancer), as well as a number of trials incorporating economic evaluation (investigating long-term nerve damage in cancer survivors and the safety and efficacy, cost-effectiveness and immune potential of high precision lung radiotherapy) and preference studies (the preferences of patients for alternative treatments for lung cancer and the preferences of young cancer survivors for survivorship services). Marion has undertaken many commissioned projects for both State and federal governments.


Richard De Abreu Lourenço, PhD


Richard is a Senior Research Fellow with CHERE.  He is an experienced health economist who has a keen interest in applied economic evaluations, patient preference and quality of life and the economics of specialty health areas like oncology.  This has included work in trial development and market access in indications, including:  breast cancer; leukaemia; multiple myeloma; endocrine tumours; myelodysplasia; neurological tumours; gastrointestinal tumours; lung cancer; melanoma; and urological tumours. 

He is a CI on an NHMRC project grants in paediatric haematology and colorectal cancer, as well as an investigator on trials in prostate cancer, metastatic disease, and studies investigating preferences for health care decision making.

Recent examples of work
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How to access HEAT
HEAT is only available to TCRN members. Members should contact HEAT directly by sending a message to:

The following information should be provided when emailing:
The synopsis of the project must include patient group, the intervention, comparator, key outcomes of interest, and proposed duration.

HEAT will then advise you of the next steps and provide an estimate of their time commitment to the project.

TCRN members should consider the following when contacting HEAT:
  • There is no expectation that members of HEAT would be an AI or CI on grant applications, for which their input may be sought.
  • Should a member of HEAT become an AI or CI on a grant application, a budget would need to be included in the grant to cover the proposed work as it pertains to the health economics component.