Consumer Engagement

The TCRN promotes meaningful and sustainable partnerships between consumers and translational cancer researchers from within our membership, under the belief that the design and outcomes of research undertaken with consumer involvement will translate more effectively into improved clinical practice and subsequently better address the needs of people affected by cancer.

What is consumer engagement?

Consumer Engagement is a partnership between researchers and consumers to improve decisions on cancer research priorities, practice and policies.

Consumers might be patients or at risk individuals; carers; organisations representing cancer consumer interests; members of the public who are targets of cancer promotion programs; or groups affected in a specific way as a result of cancer policy, treatments or services.

TCRN Consumer Advisory Panel

The TCRN has committed to providing a research support service by coordinating effective consumer engagement to support our members’ research and cancer care delivery activities. The proposed structure eliminates reliance on a single individual while allowing for one-to-one researcher-consumer relationships within the committee structure. The TCRN has established the Consumer Advisory Panel ("CAP") to provide advice, guidance, and recommendation to the TCRN and its members regarding research plans and grant applications.

Members of the TCRN CAP have experience in cancer research or consumer representation and/or have completed consumer research training provided by the Cancer Council NSW.


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