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TCRN CPD Grant Recipient; Paula Cronin, CHERE
11 Oct 2013
TCRN member Paula Cronin is a research officer at the Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation at UTS. Her research is focused on modelling the cost efficacy of a range of health care initiatives, such as cancer screening programs. Learn more
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11 Oct 2013
Simon Downes is the Director of Medical Physics at the Institute of Oncology within Prince of Wales Hospital. He recently attended the ESTRO Basic Clinical Radiobiology in Poland after receiving funding via a TCRN Conference and Professional Development Grant. Learn more
TCRN Leadership Council Member: Peter Gunning
13 Sep 2013
Research led by Professor Peter Gunning, the Associate Dean of Research for the UNSW School of Medicine and a member of the TCRN Leadership Council, has led to the world-first development of a class of drugs that successfully target the architecture of a cancer cell in order to destroy it from the inside out. Learn more
Photo of Cancer Challenge of the Year 2012 awardee Jane Phillips
22 Aug 2013
As the intervention component of the TCRN Cancer Challenge of the Year 2012 Project is completed, the focus is now on collecting T2 data via participant surveys and patient chart audits. Over 120 participants consented to be involved in the QStream pain assessment study... Learn more
TCRN Member Jason Wong | Premier's Awards Night 2013
20 Aug 2013

Unlocking the mysteries of the human genome’s ‘dark matter’ is the current challenge facing a team of researchers from the University of New South Wales who are members of the Translational Cancer Research Network (TRCN) and their partners at Intersect Australia Ltd.

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TCRN | Angelique Hoolahan - Teratoma project
20 Aug 2013

An Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute (IHMRI) project using tissue from the HSA Biobank could provide new information about the processes involved in the formation of ovarian cancer. The study, set to launch in the next few weeks, will be the first project outside of UNSW to use tissue from the HSA Biobank.

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TCRN Grant recipient profile: Anjali Sheahan
13 Aug 2013

Travelling to one of the world’s biggest cancer conferences was an eye-opener for Anjali Sheahan, a PhD student at UNSW’s Centre for Vascular Research who specialises in gene targets for pancreatic cancer.

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Neville Hacker - Premier's Award
6 Aug 2013

The Translational Cancer Research Network (TCRN) has come up trumps at the 2013 Premier's Awards for Outstanding Cancer Research, taking home two major prizes on cancer research’s night of nights.

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viewing the microscope
28 May 2013

May 28, 2013 is Pathology Day and the Translational Cancer Research Network would like to say Happy Pathology Day to all the pathologists in Australia. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the important role that the anatomical pathologists and haematologists at SEALS Randwick have played in establishing the HSA Biobank.

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participant info session
16 Apr 2013
The TCRN Cancer Challenge of the Year 2012 Project is now well underway at the five participating sites, with nine departments taking part. Thanks to the clinical champions at each site, there are over 120 participants involved in the project! Implementation of the project was staggered across the sites to ensure eligible participants could attend an information session and raise any questions about the project with the research team. Learn more