PhD Scholarship Top-up student profile: Kylie Taylor

TCRN PhD Scholarship Top-up Recipient: Kylie Taylor TCRN PhD Scholarship Top-up Recipient: Kylie Taylor

Evaluation of novel SMIs for the treatment of melanoma

Award: Kylie is the recipient of a 3-year PhD Scholarship Top-up

Supervisors: Dr Lionel Lourenço-Dias (supervisor), Centre for Vascular Research Laboratory Manager/Post-Doc Fellow , Professor Gary Halliday (co-supervisor), Dermatology, Central Clinical School, Bosch Institute, The University of Sydney.

My project aims to test and characterise the anti-melanoma activity of several compounds identified as potential inhibitors of the AP-1 transcription factor with the hope that these may eventually offer new treatment options for patients. Initially this is being done using several melanoma cell lines as well as normal, non-cancerous cell lines to test the ability of these compounds to preferentially effect the growth and survival of melanoma cells. The compounds will also be tested for their ability to inhibit or reduce tumour growth in a mouse model system and the most promising will be sent for toxicology testing.


What is the translational application of your research?

My research aims to develop new therapeutic treatments for melanoma, with a particular interest in those tumours that do not carry the common B-Raf mutation for which targeted therapies are already available, as there are currently limited treatment options available for these patients. I hope that my work may one day help improve the outcome of melanoma patients.


"I hope that the TCRN can provide me with opportunities to present my research to a broad audience – both scientific and community based – and to learn from the experience of the other network members. Professionally, I hope that the increased opportunities for networking will allow me to make broader connections both within the scientific and medical communities and assist in furthering the ‘bench to bedside’ aspect of my work."

Kylie Taylor commenced the first year of her PhD studies at the Centre for Centre for Vascular Research, UNSW in 2013.