Operations & Projects Team


Professor David Goldstein – Director

Professor David Goldstein is the Director of the TCRN at UNSW. Prof Goldstein brings together expertise across cancer research and clinical practice domains, delivering infrastructure and research enablers to support the clinical, educational and research endeavours of TCRN members and partners.

Professor Goldstein is a conjoint clinical professor at the Prince of Wales Clinical School, UNSW and a senior staff specialist in the Department of Medical Oncology at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick. His research is focused on novel therapeutics trials and clinical research into pancreatic cancer, gastrointestinal stromal tumours and renal cell carcinoma; and on the psychosocial aspects of cancer care.

Professor Goldstein was the treasurer of the AGITG until 2016, was on the first executive board of COSA (2013-2015), and was a founding member of the NSW Pancreatic Cancer Network. He is also the recipient of the Gold Maryalyan Award for services to COSA and the Vietnam Peoples Health Medal for contributions to improving cancer services to in Hue, Vietnam. 

 TCRN Program Manager Stephanie Macmillan

Stephanie Macmillan – Program Manager

Stephanie is responsible for the operations and governance of the TCRN. She is a member of the TCRN Executive and provides support for the Senior Leadership Group. She oversees all projects delivered by the Operations and Projects Team and manages the TCRN communication strategy. Stephanie has seven years’ experience of working in Universities and Government agencies, including managing the grants program of a NSW cancer control agency.

Stephanie holds a BSc degree (honours) along with a Diploma in Professional Education.

Staff Profile: Jitendra Jonnagaddala

Jitendra Jonnagaddala – Bioinformatics Manager

Jitendra is designing an integrated cancer research information system for the TCRN, which will enable secure data sharing and will support research activities of the network. Jitendra has worked previously in translational research and clinical data integration projects with Singapore Health Services, and holds skills in design and development of clinical trials and clinical research management systems.

stella jun

Stella Jun – Project Officer

Stella brings a wealth of experience in program management and implementation, community advocacy, grant writing and governance to the TCRN, in addition to a research background in integrative biology and cancer-related community health projects. Working part-time, Stella is the project lead on the consumer engagement strategy and TCRN grants and awards. 

She holds a Master’s degree in Health Management from UNSW Australia and a Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biology from the University of California, Berkeley.

 Profile: Carmel Quinn

Carmel Quinn - Project Officer  

Carmels key responsibilities include managing a flagship funding opportunity provided by the TCRN, the Cancer Challenge of the Year. She is also responsible for tracking new TCRN member research publications using online citation databases. In addition she is involved in tracking consent from cancer patients who have donated tissue for biobanking, a major TCRN initiative.

Carmel has a background as a laboratory based research scientist with a PhD in Microbiology as well as a BSc in Biology. 


 Staff Profile: Nicki Meagher

Nicki Meagher – HSA Biobank Project Manager

Nicki works to make systems for patient consent and collection of biospecimens and health information part of the standard of care in NSW hospitals.

Nicki has worked in cancer research for more than 8 years, with 7 years at UNSW. She has experience co-ordinating a diverse range of cancer research projects with strong expertise in epidemiological research, working closely with population-based cancer registries, health data linkage, biobanking, and research ethics.

She holds a Master of Public Health and a Bachelor of Medical Science from the University of Sydney.


 Elena Shirley

Elena Shirley – Data Manager

Elena is the Data Manager for the TCRN. Her main responsibility is to oversee the acquisition, curation and provision of complex health data sets from the Medicare/Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (MBS/PBS) and other primary collections from clinical, biological, and translational research sources.

She has worked in the clinical trials/research industry for over 10 years.

Elena holds a BSc (hons) in Medical Genetics from Brunel University, London.



Ballant Kojo Eyeson-Annan – Program Coordinator 

Ballant is responsible for managing the TCRN membership base as well as the promotion of the TCRN through our website and social media channels. He coordinates member communications, networking events and educational activities for the TCRN. His most relevant experience to his role here at TCRN is from his time working as an Office Manager at Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre where he coordinated the day to day operations of the research centre including events, marketing material and the PhD scholarship selection process.

Ballant holds a Bachelor of Business from Western Sydney University to compliment his relevant professional and life experience