World Cancer Research Fund International grants open for submissions now

7 August 2017
WCRFI Square

World Cancer Research Fund International

The budgets for proposals are £350,000 for Investigator-Initiated Grants for up to four years and £60,000 for Pilot Grants over two years.

 All applications must be received by 6 October 2017, 5pm UK time (BST). The World Cancer Research Fund International have explained:

 Our grant programme groups research into two themes – cancer prevention and cancer survivors. Each of these areas may be addressed either from the perspective of identifying the mechanisms that underpin the effect of diet, nutrition and physical activity on cancer, or by addressing the host factors that influence individual susceptibility to cancer development or progression, and so contribute to explaining variability between people in outcomes.

For cancer survivors, we also encourage broader research into causal links between diet, nutrition (including body composition), physical activity and outcomes after cancer diagnosis, as robust evidence on this is still lacking.


Grant applications are open to a Principal Investigator based at a research institution from any country outside the Americas (North America, Central America including the Caribbean, and South America).

World Cancer Research Fund International encourages international collaborations. Please note that although the Principal Investigator of an application cannot be from an institution based in the Americas, co-applicants and collaborators can be based in those countries, and a portion of the research work can be carried out at their institutions.

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