The TCRN Welcomes Dr Betty Kan and Louise Nguyen

29 September 2014
Dr Betty Leung (Kan), TCRN

Louise Nguyen, TCRN

The TCRN has recently employed Dr Betty Leung (Kan) on a part-time basis in a new role as the TCRN Biobank Pathologist. Betty will work to ensure quality and best practice in tissue collection and associated diagnostic data. Her focus will be ensuring that the HSA Biobank has quality specimens with relevant pathology data that are available for research.

The HSA Biobank is made possible in part by the support and collaboration of the SEALS Anatomical Pathology Department. Their support includes employing a dedicated HSA Biobank technician who works closely with the Anatomical Pathologists to help make biobanking part of routine practice. SEALS have recently employed Louise Nguyen in this role to take over from the great work of the previous biobank technician Mona Ghabcha. In collaboration with the Pathologists and taking into account the specimen availability, Louise works to ensure that fresh tissue and/or a paraffin-embedded block are banked for all consented patients.

Betty and Louise, together with the SEALS Anatomical Pathologists will work together to ensure quality specimens are banked. The TCRN welcomes Betty and Louise to their roles and looks forward to seeing their work continue to develop the HSA Biobank.

The HSA Biobank is a flagship project of the TCRN, funded by UNSW with support from NSW Health Pathology, the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, and the Cancer Institute NSW. Since its launch in April 2012, more than 1500 patients have consented to the Biobank, which will support new discoveries in translational cancer research.