TCRN Consumer Engagement Workshop at UTS

21 January 2019
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The TCRN is holding a Consumer Engagement Workshop for your research funding application 2019 at UTS.

The TCRN’s consumer engagement workshop is one of the most anticipated and successful research support services provided by the TCRN.

We strongly encourage all the TCRN members especially the members at UTS to take advantage of this opportunity.

In 2017, three (3) major grants were awarded to TCRN researchers who have attended TCRN Consumer Engagement workshops in 2017-2018.

TCRN’s Director, Professor David Goldstein, says:  “With the success rate of NHMRC Project Grants down to 13.7%,  researchers need every advantage we can get. The TCRN’s consumer workshop and subsequent evidence of consumer input and support, can make a difference to researchers’ applications in this highly competitive  funding environment . This is a great opportunity to present your research plans and preliminary data and have consumer input”.

The TCRN Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP) members are research trained and highly experienced in reviewing research grant applications.  Most of them  also have served on several  grant review committees  and working committees including NHMRC, Cancer Council NSW,  Cancer Australia, and National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Whether you will be applying for funding in 2019 or not, we hope you do not miss this valuable opportunity to engage with consumers and present your research plan to TCRN consumers for their input.

Date:                    Friday, 8 March, 2019

Time:                   1.00pm – 4.00pm   

  • 1pm-2pm consumer engagement information session:  open to both TCRN and non-TCRN members
  • 2pm-4pm consumer researcher small group session:  open to TCRN members only (individual consultation), Researchers will be allocated a 20-30 minute slot in which to discuss their proposed project with a small group of consumers (2-3 consumers per researcher)  in preparation for 2019 grant applications.

Location:            CB01.21.060
                             Building 1 (The Tower); Level 21; Boardroom 060, UTS

TCRN researchers are encouraged to attend both the Information session and the small group session.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop or TCRN Consumer Advisory Panel, please email Stella at