TCRN Conference and Professional Development Grant Recipient: Anne Booms

10 February 2015
Photograph of Anne Booms

Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner Anne Booms received a TCRN conference grant to attend the 2014 Australian College of Nurse Practitioners ("ACNP) Conference in Sydney.

Booms, who at the time was employed as oncology nurse practitioner at Albury Wodonga Health, was an invited speaker at the conference. She delivered a presentation on the importance of proactive follow-up with cancer patients.

“I delivered a very clinical oriented Power Point presentation discussing case studies on my role as ONP, providing pro-active follow up on cancer patients with the aim to reduce emergency department waiting times or to prevent emergency department presentations altogether,” Anne said.

The funding from the TCRN gave Anne access to a forum that she would otherwise not have had the opportunity to participate in.

“Development grants are very useful because, in the current health setting, nurses have to fund all education themselves. Financially, being a mum of two teenagers, it has been a big help to me to be able to go to education activities like the ACNP Conference thanks to the research grant, otherwise I would have been unable to attend.”

Anne has been an active member of the TCRN since 2012, when she was first involved as an investigator for a TCRN Cancer Challenge of the Year project at Albury Wodonga Health. She said that the TCRN has provided her with numerous opportunities to engage with education, research and networking opportunities. 

Now, working at The Canberra Hospital, Anne said this early experience with the TCRN’s Cancer Challenge of the Year gave her the courage to enrol in a PhD, which she commenced this year.

“For me, the ability to participate in activities like the Cancer Challenge of the Year provided me with excellent learning opportunities. I learned how research can change practice and outcomes for patients,” she said. 

Grant snapshot:

Conference: 2014 Australian College of Nurse Practitioners Conference
Location: Sydney, NSW
Funding Round: Round 2, 2014