Looking for Cancer Nurses

18 January 2021
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As genetics and genomics become increasingly important in all aspects of healthcare, cancer nurses need to be able to respond to patients’ questions, to identify individuals at risk, discuss genetic testing and refer to specialist genetics services where relevant.

This research project aims to develop and pilot a brief educational intervention in the form of a short online course and online skills-based workshop about genetics and genomics for cancer nurses.

We are currently recruiting cancer nurses from New South Wales to help us develop and refine the brief educational intervention to make sure it meets the specific learning needs of cancer nurses. Participation at this stage will involve attending an online focus group or online/ telephone interview (whichever is the most convenient for you) with an optional further discussion to review the prototype intervention. Later in the year, we will be recruiting cancer nurses to pilot and evaluate the brief educational intervention. We will send one online gift voucher of $25 to each participant to thank you for participating in any aspect of the study. Please note, only one gift voucher will be offered per person.

The study team includes cancer nurses, cancer genetics health professionals and researchers from University of Technology Sydney and South East Sydney Local Health District. This study is funded by the Translational Cancer Research Network.

If you are interested in participating in one or both aspects of this study, please contact chris.jacobs@uts.edu.au.

Chris Jacobs, PhD, RGC (GCRB 159), RN 
Senior Lecturer, Genetic Counselling