Introductory Human Genome Bioinformatics Workshop

30 June 2014
Dr Jason Wong

What: Workshop for biomedical scientists who are interested in emerging resources of genomics data, with particular emphasis on cancer research.

When: Thursday 31 July & Friday 1 August 2014
Where: Room G08, Wallace Wurth Building (C27), UNSW
Event Webpage: click here
Cost: Free; places are limited, registration is essential
How: Please contact Jason

The aim of this workshop is to introduce established and emerging bioinformatics resources to researchers studying the human genome. The workshop is specifically designed for biomedical scientists who are interested in making use and taking advantage of vast resources of genomics data that is currently available in the public domain.
Furthermore the workshop will cover some basic practical bioinformatics skills that will enable preliminary inspection of public datasets.
A particular emphasis of the workshop will be on the field of cancer.

The workshop will be run by Dr Jason Wong along with other members of the Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics group at the Adult Cancer Program, Prince of Wales Clinical School, UNSW.


This bioinformatics workshop will be run over two days:

  • Day one will include an introduction to visualising and browsing  the human genome using the UCSC genome browser followed by an introduction to the coding variant annotation using the 1000 genomes project/ COSMIC
  • The second day will introduce ENCODE and Human Epigenome Atlas, the Cancer Genome Atlas and the Gene Expression Atlas.

The workshop has been designed such that the background and features of each resource will first be introduced, followed by practicals demonstrating the utility of the resource. There will also be sessions where attendees will have the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge by working through examples individually or in groups. In this workshop, examples will focus on the use of genomics resources to learn the function and regulation of specific genes.

All sessions will be run using free and browser-based software in computing labs G16- 17, on the ground floor of the Wallace Wurth Building, UNSW (corner of High Street, and Botany Street, Randwick).

Participation in this workshop is free, but registration is essential.
Note: places are limited to 30; please register by Monday 14 July 2014.

Further information: visit

Contact Dr Jason Wong