The HSA Biobank: Celebrating Over 4,000 Consents!

11 February 2021
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This month marks a significant milestone for one of the most valuable translational research resources in NSW. The Health Science Alliance (HSA) Biobank has reached over 4,000 consents! Operating since 2012 as a joint initiative between UNSW Australia, the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District and NSW Health Pathology, the HSA Biobank has obtained consent to collect biospecimens and clinical data from known or suspected adult cancer patients undergoing surgery at hospitals within the Randwick and St George precincts. In addition, collection of haematological and microbiota specimens has led to further expansion of the biobank. Importantly, researcher access to these specimens has grown solidly over the years, with the biobank providing already-banked specimens and associated data, as well as facilitating bespoke research requests.

For more information about how the HSA Biobank can help with research projects, visit the website or contact the HSA Biobank Project Manager, Mamta Porwal.

Congratulations to all the clinicians, researchers, support staff and patients for their ongoing commitment and hard work!