Congratulations to NHMRC grant recipients

28 October 2013
TCRN NHMRC Grant recipients announcement

Congratulations to the following Translational Cancer Research Network (TCRN) members on their success in obtaining National Health and Medical Research Council (“NHMRC”) grant and fellowship funding commencing in 2014.

This is an excellent outcome for members of the TCRN, being awarded 14 separate grants and fellowships totaling just under $6.5m.


Project Grants

Grants focussed on the development of treatments and interventions (T1) were awarded to the following TCRN members:

  • Doctor Vashe Chandrakanthan (CIA - New Investigator Grant)

The University of New South Wales

Genetic Fate Mapping of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Origins and Investigating their Contribution to Developmental Haematopoiesis


  • Doctor Anchit Khanna (CIA - New Investigator Grant)

The University of New South Wales

Targeting a novel DNA-damage signaling pathway to treat gliomas


  • Doctor Maarit Laaksonen (CIA), A/Prof Karen Canfell (CIB), A/Prof Claire Vajdic (CIC) Doctor Robert MacInnes (CID)

The University of New South Wales

Population-level relevance of risk factors for cancer


  • Doctor David Ziegler (CIA), Prof Philip Hogg (CIB), A/Prof Andrew Kung (CIC)

The University of New South Wales

Targeting mitochondrial metabolism in Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas as a novel therapeutic strategy


Grants aimed at testing the efficacy and effectiveness of treatments and interventions (T2) were awarded to the following TCRN members: 

  • Prof Rosalie Viney (CIA), Doctor Richard Norman (CIB), Prof John Brazier (CIC), A/Prof Paula Lorgelly (CID), A/Prof Emily Lancsar (CIE)

The University of Technology, Sydney

Developing an Australian valuation for the EQ-5D-5L Quality of Life Instrument


  • Prof David Currow (CIA), A/Prof Amy Abernethy (CIB), Doctor Donald Mahler (CIC), Prof Patricia Davidson (CID), Doctor Timothy To (CIE), A/Prof Linda Denehy (CIF), Prof Sharon Kilbreath (CIG)

The University of Technology, Sydney, with The Flinders University of South Australia

Studies of the effects of exogenous opioids in modulating exercise-induced dyspnoea in people with moderate/ severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Two double-blind randomised, placebo controlled trials


  • Prof Jane Halliday (CIA), A/Prof Bettina Meiser (CIB), A/Prof David Amor, Prof Della Forster (CID), A/Prof Howard Slater (CIE), Doctor Sian Smith (CIF), A/Prof Susan Donath (CIG), Prof Susan Walker (CIH), Doctor Sharon Lewis (CII)

The University of New South Wales, with the Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Towards adequate national provision of genomic testing in pregnancy


  • Prof Michael Friedlander (CIA), Prof Madeline King (CIB), Prof Amit Oza (CIC), Prof Jonathan Ledermann (CID), Doctor Rachel O' Connell (CIE), Doctor Katrin Sjoquist (CIF), Doctor Julie Martyn (CIG), Doctor Chee Khoon Lee (CIH)

The University of Sydney

Does Palliative Chemotherapy Palliate? Measuring symptom benefit in recurrent ovarian cancer using patient reported outcomes: The Symptom Benefit Study


  • Doctor Bronwyn Hemsley (CIA), Prof Susan Balandin (CIB), A/Prof Andrew Georgiou (CIC), Doctor Sophie Hill (CID)

The University of New South Wales, with The University of Newcastle

Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records for young adults with communication disabilities: charting the course for successful child to adult health service transition.


  • Prof Jon Emery (CIA), Prof Danielle Mazza (CIB), Doctor Neil Campbell (CIC), Doctor Peter Murchie (CID), Dortor Andrew Martin (CIE), Doctor Fiona Walter (CIF), A/Prod David Barnes (CIG), A/Prof Stephen Goodall (CIH)

The University of Technology, Sydney with The University of Western Australia

CHEST Australia: reducing time to consult in primary care with symptoms of lung cancer.


Grants for dissemination and implementation research for system-wide change (T3) were awarded to the following TCRN members:

  • A/Prof Karen Canfell (CIA), Doctor Philip Castle (CIB), Doctor Mark Schiffman, USA (CIC), Doctor Carolyn Nickson (CID),  Doctor Michael Caruana (CIE), Doctor Kate Simms (CIF), A/Prof Sarah Lord (CIG)

The University of New South Wales

Evaluation of outcomes and cost-effectiveness of implementing next generation human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination and associated primary HPV based cervical cancer screening strategies in Australia


  • Prof Siaw-Teng Liaw (CIA), Prof Mark Harris (CIB), Prof Lisa Jackson Pulver (CIC), A/Prof Margaret Kelaher (CID), Doctor John Furler (CIE), A/Prof Rosa Canalese (CIF), Doctor Phyllis Lau (CIG), Ms Vicki Wade (CIH)

The University of New South Wales

Improving Ways of Thinking and Ways of Doing Aboriginal and Cross-cultural health in general practice


Early Career Fellowships for funding commencing in 2014

  • Dr Richard Norman

University of Technology, Sydney


  • Dr Dominik Beck   

University of New South Wales  NSW