Conference and Professional Development Grant recipient: Simon Downes

11 October 2013
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Simon Downes is the Director of Medical Physics at the Institute of Oncology within Price of Wales Hospital. He recently attended the ESTRO Basic Clinical Radiobiology Course in Poznan, Poland after receiving funding via a TCRN Conference and Professional Development Grant.

“The biology of radiation is not something that I’ve focused on in the past, so attending the course actually strengthened my knowledge quite well. It also re-invigorated my appreciation for the effectiveness of radiation to treat cancer,” he says.

Downes, a member of the TCRN, says the funding created new professional development opportunities that would otherwise have been difficult to obtain. Funding in the radiobiology field can be hard to come by, and remains extremely competitive among practitioners. 

According to Downes, the five-day intensive course is unique in the world, providing a particularly in-depth study of radiobiology that is unmatched by other courses of its type.

“The benefits of this course lay a good foundation for understanding where the future of radiation therapy and radiobiology are headed in terms of research, as well as providing the knowledge to deal with the increasingly complex technology being introduced within the field.

“Due to its nature of being an intensive five-day course, with less distractions from regular work, the benefits of this course are even more enhanced.  You are also learning from experts in the field as well.

“The course helps you understand the management of a patient’s treatment and how the doctors to decide to revise the prescription, and techniques used by doctors in delivering doses for different types of treatment, different types of cancers.”  

Grant snapshot

Conference: ESTRO Basic Clinical Radiobiology Course
Location: Poznan, Poland
Objective: Course attendee