Conference and Professional Development Grant Recipient: Ghazal Sultani

16 May 2019
pix of Sultani

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your research? :

I am a researcher in the field of Cancer metabolism at UNSW.

My work has investigated aspects of liver cancer, skin cancer and breast cancer.

Could you tell us about the conference you went to  and  how you are invited and why you chose to attend this conference?

The Biennial congress of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) is a well-known conference for cancer researchers.

It covers many different areas of cancer research and showcases most recent advances in this field.

What would be the most important outcomes of the conference for you?

This conference provided many opportunities for growth including eye opening presentations, workshops that which allowed interactions with well-established scholars and face to face discussion about my project and ways to push it forward.

Could you tell us about your presentation at the conference?

I had a poster presentation of major unpublished findings from my project. The title of the presentation is “Impact of compartment-specific changes in NAD biosynthesis on diethylnitrosamine-induced liver cancer" .

Were there any new knowledge or strategies from the conference you found interesting and possibly an interest of other TCRN members?

There are multiple different ways to bring therapeutics from bench to hospital, consideration of options and access to larger network of industries may help tailor cost effective medication.

How can your research translate into improvements in patient care and clinical outcomes (Translational relevance)? 

The interventions in my research were carried out in many different cancer models, and different cancer sub-types. My research showed that these interventions were only beneficial under narrow range of conditions. This can be very important for tailoring precision medicine.

Could you tell us about your membership with the TCRN?

I have been in contact with TCRN as my supervisor (Nigel Turner) is a member with this group.


Grant Snapshot:

Conference: EACR 25 (25th Biennial  Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research)

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Funding Round: 2018 Round 2- International Conference