Cancer Metabolism Roundtable

7 September 2017

The opening of the Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre (NCCC), Prince of Wales Hospital in March this year marks a new chapter in cancer care, research and education at the Randwick Health and Education Precinct. The juxtaposition of NCCC to UNSW Sydney and Lowy Cancer Research Centre, in the context of cancer research as a strategic priority of UNSW Medicine and Redevelopment of Prince of Wales Hospital, provides an exceptional opportunity to advance collaboration of laboratory and clinical research, and integration of cancer research, education and patient care across the Randwick Precinct.

The purpose of the program is to build partnership, capacity and scale in multidisciplinary cancer research and education, and develop Randwick as a leading cancer biomedical precinct nationally and internationally in collaboration with our partners at and beyond the Precinct.

There is an existing collaboration among the Precinct partners, and the Cancer Roundtable Program is but one of a range of initiatives to develop and strengthen partnerships. However, there are opportunities that are under-utilised, untapped or yet to be identified, and may not be realised without a more strategic, systematic and proactive approach.

The monthly roundtables will feature a broad range of cancer themes with predefined objectives, e.g. in cancer genomics, functional imaging, cancer survivorship, etc. Each one-hour roundtable will be led by a subject expert who delivers a summary of the state-of-the-art, and a facilitator who moderates a structured discussion of the subject to identify opportunities and partnerships. We aim to bring enthusiastic colleagues who share the same interest to the table so that they may drive their partnerships beyond the roundtable to deliver tangible outcomes. We will be actively seeking input from participants, and regularly review and improve the Program.

The inaugural Roundtable will focus on transporting cancer metabolism inhibitors from bench to bedside. It will be facilitated by A/Professor Phoebe Phillips, Leader of the Pancreatic Cancer Translational Research Group, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, UNSW Sydney and feature Associate Professor Jeff Holst, Faculty member of the Centenary Institute and Lab Head at the ACRF Centenary Cancer Research Centre as the invited speaker.

The Cancer Roundtable Program will start on Tuesday 12 September 2017, 12:30-13:30, at the Edmund Blackett Function Room, Prince of Wales Hospital. Lunch is kindly provided by the Translational Cancer Research Network.