Major Pilot Funding Grant Scheme

TCRN Major Pilot Funding Grants Scheme

The TCRN Major Pilot Funding Grant is a unique funding opportunity that provides up to $200,000 to support one or two translational research projects. The scheme is intended to support investigators from across all disciplines of cancer research to undertake preliminary work in preparation for a major grant application.


The funding will support research projects designed to inform about or initiate direct improvements in cancer patient care, clinical and treatment practices, and/or patient outcomes. The TCRN subscribes to the translational research model of the Cancer Institute NSW and under the Grants Scheme will prioritise funding of T2, T2/T3 or T3 projects, i.e. projects with an emphasis on improving clinical practice across the system and practice-based research. T1 projects will be considered but an established translational pathway is essential.

In order to meet the key grant criteria, 2019 projects must demonstrate:

  • Focus on an unmet need 
  • Significant potential impact
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration (preferably involving more than one TCRN site)
  • Capacity to leverage TCRN core strengths
  • Capacity to deliver translational outcomes aligned with the TCRN goals initially within 24 months
  • Ability to commence by no later than 30 March 2019 and complete within 24 months
  • Current applicable human research ethics committee (HREC) and governance approvals to carry out the proposed research (or at least, the commencement of the HREC & governance process with approval anticipated within 3 months)
  • A sustainable pathway beyond the funding timeline
  • Ability to work with the TCRN’s translational team

Eligibility Criteria

The 2019 Major Pilot funding Scheme is open to TCRN Members as listed on the TCRN website.

2019 projects must be carried out predominantly in one or more of the TCRN’s founding institutions (see here). Preference may be given to projects to be executed entirely in one or more of these institutions.

Preference may be given to projects that offer an Independent Learning Project (ILP) opportunity as part of their proposal.

Projects which are defined as current or future TCRN Flagship activity are ineligible for funding. Funding for these projects is available through the TCRN Flagship Project Support Grants. 

Clinical trials are not eligible for funding but a proof of concept study to demonstrate that a clinical trial is warranted, may be considered.

Funding available

The TCRN will provide funding of up to $200,000 to fund one or two projects commencing in 2019. Projects must have formal ethics and governance approval before the funds will be released but applications can be submitted in anticipation of approval.

Application Process

The 2019 award process will follow this process:

Applications NOW OPEN

Submission deadline is Midnight 20 January 2019

  • Applications should be submitted via email to with the subject line:
    2019 TCRN Grant 
    by Midnight, 20 January 2019. Templates should be saved using the naming format TCRN Grant_CI Surname e.g. TCRN Grant_Jones
  • Review: Submitted applications will be assessed by an external, independent panel against the four selection criteria:
  • Publishable and sustainable outcomes (30% of overall score)
  • A significant potential impact (30% of overall score)
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration and involvement (20% of overall score)
  • Scientific quality (20% of score)

Successful project(s) will be awarded in February 2019 with projects expected to commence by March 2019.

Further Information

Further information can be obtained by contacting the TCRN Operations and Projects Team: with the subject line ‘TCRN Major Pilot Funding 2019’.


TCRN Major Pilot Funding Grant Scheme - Guidelines Form

TCRN Major Pilot Funding Grant Scheme - Application Form