Clinical PhD Top-Up Awards

Clinical PhD Scholarship Top-Up Awards 

Round 1, 2018 - CLOSE @ 5:00pm, 13 November 2017.

The TCRN Clinical PhD Scholarship Top-up Awards are designed to enhance the translational cancer research capabilities of health, medical, allied health and nursing graduates undertaking a PhD whose research interests strongly align with the flagships of the TCRN. This will be achieved by promoting access to a strong foundation of research support services, including opportunities for professional development and the mentoring and expertise of experienced translational cancer researchers.

The TCRN will support Clinical PhD students with a strong alignment to the TCRN flagships via awarding of a Clinical PhD Scholarship Top-up to students who have received funding via a peer-reviewed, competitive scholarship through:

  1. UNSW and who are enrolled in a UNSW Medicine School with a strong alignment to the TCRN OR 
  2. UTS and who are enrolled within any school in the Faculties of Science and Health or the Business School, see guidelines for more details.

Support available

3-year top-up (up to $20,000 per year stipend + $2,500 research support over three years)

Awards are competitive and merit-based, and the research project must be aligned to the TCRN flagships, including demonstrating translational application.

Supervisors of award applicants must be on the current TCRN Membership list AND a member of a TCRN Member Group, as listed on the TCRN website (see here).

Key dates - TCRN Clinical PhD Scholarship Top-ups 

RoundApplications OpenApplications Close
Round 2, 20173 APRIL 2017

5.00pm, 31 May 2017

Round 1, 20182 October 2017

5.00pm, 13 November 2017


How to Apply

View TCRN Clinical PhD Scholarship Top-up Guidelines (see rhs of webpage for download); read carefully and review eligibility criteria

Send application form (see rhs of webpage for download) to

Further information 

Email: TCRN Grants 

T: +61 2 9385 0511