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Jack Li
6 Jun 2014
Professor Jack Li of the College of Medical Science and Technology at Taipei Medical University is to visit the TCRN in July to help shape a new Bioinformatics course which is currently being developed by the TCRN and UNSW. Learn more
5 Jun 2014
Data adds to the depth of clinical information regarding HSA Biobank participants, such as disease diagnosis and tumour type... Learn more
Mariana De Sousa E Sousa crop
5 Jun 2014
Clinician and PhD candidate Dr Mariana De Souza E Sousa participated in the 2013 Global Breast Cancer Conference (GBCC), thanks to a Conference and Professional Development Grant from the TCRN… Learn more
Ji-Bin Lew
26 May 2014
PhD Scholarship Top-Up Awards on offer to enhance the translational cancer research capabilities of PhD students. Applications close 4.00pm, 15 July 2014... Learn more
Lucy Wyld 3
8 May 2014
A TCRN-led study has shown that medical doctors support the implementation of new initiatives within the healthcare system, such as institutional biobanking, with the knowledge that these changes will facilitate and advance basic and translational research... Learn more
Caroline Ford picture
28 Apr 2014
A UNSW research team with an interest in ovarian cancer is using tissue samples from the HSA Biobank to investigate the mechanisms of cancer metastasis. Learn more
HSA Biobank Series
24 Apr 2014
A new consenting process is set to dramatically improve the numbers of patients who are given the opportunity to contribute tissue samples to the HSA Biobank... Learn more
TCRN CAC Member Gillian Begbie
2 Apr 2014
A series of new appointments to the TCRN’s Consumer Advisory Committee is set to benefit UNSW and UTS researchers by giving them access to significantly expanded consumer expertise... Learn more
Jie-Bin Lew; TCRN APA recipient
1 Apr 2014
Congratulations to Jie Bin Lew, the second recipient of UNSW Australian Postgraduate Award granted in translational cancer research plus a TCRN Scholarship Top-up... Learn more
Hospital Clinicians
31 Mar 2014
Professional development initiatives at the TCRN are helping PhD students build their understanding of the clinical side of cancer research and treatment in the world outside the lab... Learn more