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The Translational Cancer Research Network (TCRN) is a collaborative and interactive cancer research community based in the South East of Sydney, with links to cancer services and researchers in inner and southern Sydney, and Albury. It was formed to create an innovative and supportive environment for the translation of cancer research into improvements in patient care.

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TCRN C& PD Grant Recipient Xiaochun Wang
8 Feb 2016
Dr Wang completed a PhD on overcoming resistance of sarcoma to targeted EGFR/panHER monotherapy at the end of 2015, and planned to start transitioning her research into the translational research space. Find out more
Karen Canfell_Cancer Modelling Group 139x100
2 Feb 2016
Over the past thirty years, vulvar cancer rates have increased by 84 per cent in women under 60 years of age, new research shows. Find out more
CAC Member Sue Suchy
20 Jan 2016
Sue, a three-time survivor of oral cancer, had often found herself on the periphery of charitable and other volunteer work, but the opportunity to use her cancer experience to contribute to research was too good to pass up. Find out more
19 Jan 2016
Consumer input into research development is more important than ever; and facilitating strong partnerships between researchers and consumers has been the remit of the TCRN CAC since it's launch in 2012... Find out more
CCY15 Behaviour Change - Natalie Taylor
15 Jan 2016
The TCRN’s Lynch Syndrome research was under the spotlight at the annual COSA scientific meeting, with a focus on screening, diagnosis and cancer prevention issues relating to Lynch syndrome... Find out more
TCRN Conference & Professional Development Grant Recipient Amanda Willis
11 Dec 2015
Amanda Willis, a PhD student in the Psychosocial Research Group at UNSW, is interested in the psychological and behavioural impact on patients, and role of clinicians and researchers in shared decision to help patients manage information about their results. Find out more
TCRN CAC Member Gillian Begbie
10 Dec 2015
Translational research with the potential for fast and meaningful impact is what lights a fire in CAC member Gillian Begbie’s belly. Find out more
CCY13 Family Matters Team
9 Dec 2015
Follow-up funding awarded to the TCRN Cancer Challenge of the Year Family Matters project has resulted in significant benefits for patients with cancer-causing gene mutations... Find out more
TCRN conference & Professional Development Grants Opening Soon
8 Dec 2015
The next round of TCRN Grants will soon be available to expand and enhance the knowledge and skills of our members in translational cancer-related research and cancer care service delivery Find out more